About us

We can immediately connect into your computer over the internet and perform service without ever setting foot in your home or business.
Don’t lug your computer around for repairs, we can come to you and repair it on site!
We will handle everything from start to finish by picking up your computer and bringing it back to you after repairs are completed.
Our Pricing Structure
Most companies charge an hourly rate, and have a one hour minimum. Full Throttle goes by flat rates based on the complexity of the service to be performed. A comparison of the competition’s prices and ours will quickly prove that we have the best prices in town. In the event that you do find a better deal out there, Full Throttle wants to compete for your business so feel free to call or e-mail us and ask about price matching!

About Remote Repair
Remote repair is our flagship method of servicing computers, because it offers unparalleled convenience and speed to our clients. A remote repair is initiated when a user visits the remote repair website and enters their secure PIN number. A small applet is downloaded to their computer which allows one time only access from a Full Throttle technician over a 128 bit encrypted connection. The client can then watch and chat in real time as the technician services the computer as if they were in the same room!